• AskCody® ActivityView™ 

    Today's events at a glance

    The digital display solution that gives you a better overview of your conference rooms, room status and the daily meeting activities.

    Provide everyone with one complete overview of the day’s meeting activities and improve your meeting room efficiency instantly.

    Welcome guests and visitors, or improve productivity for your employees, with a digital signage overview board showing the way to their event or meeting.

    Inconsistent routines, unintegrated and unsynchronized systems and complicated techniques can lead to meeting interruptions, booking related misunderstandings, and difficulties in finding vacant meeting rooms. 

    ActivityView simply aggregates the information from multiple digital conference room signs in one view improving conference room management instantly.



  • AskCody® ActivityView works out of the box with Exchange and Google Calendar.

    Events updates instantly!


  • Free or busy? Where to go?

    ActivityView simply aggregates the information from multiple digital conference room signs in one view improving conference room management instantly.

    ActivityView makes all information about current and upcoming events available for users and visitors and shows when the events start and where they are located - directly from your calendar system.

    When events are updated, relocated or new meetings are added, ActivityView is automatically updated. When an event is over it simply rolls of the screen. 


    The ideal solution for Meeting room clusters...

    ActivityView can handle meeting room clusters and display room availability in addition to directing visitors to their meeting or event.

    ActivityView makes it easy for everyone to have a complete overview of meeting room clusters. That increases business efficiency, reduce costs and optimize meeting resources.


    ... and for Reception Areas!

    Digital signage in the reception area will clearly display information about daily events so visitors know where to go.

    ActivityView is updated automatically through calendar integration, saving visitors time, and freeing up front desk resources.

    Front desk processes will improve significantly, and guests will receive meeting details automatically, and feel welcome when paying your company a visit.


  • Why you should consider digital signage for improving productivity and happiness! 

    Top 11 reasons to implement digital visitor management into your organization!

  • The #1 Digital Signage extension for you Outlook or Google Calendar comes in a view that fits your needs!

    ActivityView can be designed to reflect your company profile, and the content can be displayed in both portrait and landscape mode

    ActivityView can display all event details including start time and location. It makes it easy for your daily users and visitors to get an overview of all of today’s activities and meeting room availability in a single glance and makes it easy to find the event or meeting they are attending. 

    In conjunction with AskCody Today+, ActivityView is the most flexible, dynamic and easy-to-use digital signage solution.

    ActivityView can be configured to both room and list view:

    Room view provides instant overview and availability of up to 6 meeting rooms (landscape) (12 rooms in portrait mode / 2 meetings/events at each room). 

    Availability is colour coded: green for vacant and red for occupied. 

    List view displays all meeting room activities in a dynamic list which is updated instantly.



    Provides an instant overview, frees up front desk resources and creates a cool and premium invironment.