• Avoid daily distractions and unwanted interruptions. Get your work done! BusyView™ - ActivityView™ for People!

    Take control of your time. Let co-workers know if you’re free or busy. Avoid daily distractions and unwanted interruptions. Get your work done!

    BusyView will let your colleagues know when you're in a meeting, busy with a deadline, out of office or free to chat.

    Effectively manage the time you need to complete tasks and collaborate with others. Let your co-workers know what your working on right now, so that they can easily see, whether you are available or in need of concentration. 



  • Indicate presence and status - Reduce Interruptions!

    In the open office environment you can easily see what is happening and what your colleagues are up to.

    Never get interrupted with the question:

    ”Can you tell me where John is” ever again! 

  • Let people clearly know if you’re free or busy.

    Increase productivity now!

    Every day in the workplace, knowledge workers divert their attention to interruptions and other distractions, thereby diminishing efficiency and productivity.

    At the same time, too many employees complain about the work environment due to that two out of three employees feel that their colleagues disturb too much.

    Interruptions now consume 28% of the knowledge worker’s day*, and an interruption easily costs up to 20 minutes before you are back on task. Studies shows, that once thrown off track, it can take some 23 minutes for a worker to return to the original task**.


    BusyView reduces costly, unwanted interruptions by co-work- ers, and saves walking to busy colleagues in the office. BusyView instantly transform irrelevant interruptions and wasted time into value adding work.

    Employees won’t have to work faster, but simply eliminate useless walks in the office and avoid being interrupted in the middle of a complex task. BusiView gives you “extra time” every day by reducing irrelevant interruptions and wasted time.

    BusyView let your employees reach new heights in productiv- ity and collaboration and helps you cope with the open office environment challenges.

    When you eliminate a lot of the daily interruptions, you will see an increase in the quality of the work.


    *The Cost of Not Paying Attention: How Interruptions Impact Knowledge Worker Productivity

    **The Wallstreet Journal: Workplace Distractions