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  • Where's that room again?

    Where’s my meeting? Who are coming today? Who are they visiting? Which meeting are they attending? Which visitors are currently in the building? Which meeting room is available? Can I book it? How do I find my way to....

    AskCody® takes care of the daily questions at the front desk and makes it easy for your daily users and visitors to get an overview of today’s events and meeting activities and makes it easy to find their way to the event they are attending.

    AskCody® is a modular and scalable suite that helps you improve both wayfinding AND productivity.

    We combine smartphone based indoor wayfinding, digital directory signage, a virtual receptionist, interactive digital kiosks, dynamic maps, visitor management, and digital meeting room signs with intelligent room booking and facilities management.

    All solutions are cloud based and they integrate into leading calendar and resource systems like Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, Office 365 and Google Calendar and Active Directory. 

    AskCody at your facility improves visitor, staff and tenant satisfaction, enhance productivity and reduce your costs!

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  • AskCody® brings you the right information in the right place at the right time

    At AskCody®, we help people and organizations to improve productivity and convenience by connecting People with Places and Events.

    With a productivity enhancing suite AskCody® provides a convenient integration of meeting planning and meeting room booking with digital signage linked to calendar systems for automatic updates, smartphone guidance, digital overview signs, interactive kiosks, interactive maps, and visitor manage- ment.

    AskCody®’s solutions include wayfinding technology designed for complex buildings and campuses as well as resource booking, meeting room signage and visitor management tools for all enterprise buildings. Our solutions enable great user experiences in flexible, dynamic indoor environments, and make it easy to book available resources like meeting or conference rooms. 

    Give us a call now or send us a note to learn more about our Integrated cloud-based productivity and wayfinding tools.