• Avoid meeting interruptions with Today+™ now!

    Display daily activities and schedule events directly on the digital door sign.‚Äč 

    Flexible, dynamic and easy to use!

    Improve meeting room efficiency instantly by providing employees and visitors with a complete overview of daily meeting activities.

    Fully integrated and synchronized signage makes it easy to find unoccupied meeting rooms and can prevent meeting interruptions and booking misunderstandings from happening.

    AskCody® Today+ is a dynamic, digital system that displays daily room activities and provides your company with a professional, interactive, cost effective, and flexible signage solution.

    Make a reservation, find out which rooms are free or occupied, improve meeting room utilization, change the face of your office space and create a premium environment with beautiful Today+ conference and meeting room displays from AskCody®.



  • Why you should consider digital signage for improving productivity and happiness! 

    Top 11 reasons to implement digital visitor management into your organization!

  • Prefered Hardware Partners

    For tablet enclosures


  • Free or busy?

    Visible information at the door!

    Take away the hassle of finding unoccupied meeting rooms instantly

    Today+ makes the booking status clear and visible for all right at the meeting room door, and it makes it easy for visitors and guests to find the right meeting room when attending your meetings.

    The design of Today+ can be tailored to reflect your company profile and the digital door sign can be mounted in both portrait and landscape mode.


    On-screen confirmation!

    When the meeting is about to start, the status of the room changes to pending

    When your meeting is about to start, you simply tap the screen to confirm that the room belongs to you. If the meeting finishes early, you can easily end it and the room is released and free for use by others.

    If no confirmation is received during a certain period (before or after) the meeting is due to start, the room is released for use by everyone else in your organization (no matter if) they book from the screen or from Outlook. 



    Extend meeting or release room!

    When the meeting room is busy, extend or end your meeting directly from the screen.

    Sometimes meetings take longer than you expect. If you need extra time, just go to the meeting room screen, see for how long the room is still available, and extend the meeting with as much time as you need.

    Likewise, if you finish your meeting early, just go to the meeting room screen and end the meeting. Someone else can then make use of the space and you maximize utilization of the room.


  • Learn how to use Today+™



    Download full feature list and how-to guide here!






  • Key features

    On-screen confirmation - When the meeting is about to start, the status of the room changes to pending

    Extend meeting or release room - When the meeting room is busy, extend or end your meeting directly from the screen.

    Avoid interruptions in the middle of meetings

    Fast lane bookings for spontaneous ad hoc meetings - When a meeting room is free, quickly book it with ease! 

    See a full list of attendees for the meeting, the meeting description, and all upcoming daily events for the meeting room right on the screen.

    Integrated in Outlook/Exchange/Google Calendar - Bookings updates instantly



    Easy user adoption and designed to reflect company profile

    An intuitive interface enables employees to use Today+ immediately, and no additional software needs to be installed.



  • Supported hardware and requirements

    This solution requires either Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016 with Outlook Web Access and Exchange Web Services managed API enabled, AskCody Exchange Forwardig Service installed on a local server, Office 365, or Google Calendar.

    Today+ can also be used with AskCody Booking+ (stand alone) without Exchange or Google Calendar, but with limited features.

    Some features are only available if using Exchange 2013, 2016, Office 365 or Google Calendar (Confirm, Extend, Cancel and End meting) with ApplicationImpersonation enabled on the AskCody Exchange user account.



    ApplicationImpersonation for the AskCody user account is REQUIRED for Today+ Advanced, Meeting+, and RoomFinder. Learn more in the AskCody Help Center or take a look on the list of supported features.

    We are leveraging Apple iPad (iOS) and Samsung Galaxy Tablets (Android), without having to worry about building hardware. That makes Today+ a cost effective, and flexible digital signage solution for meeting rooms.


    List of supported features on Today+ from Exchange, Outlook, and Google Calendar


    Features Exchange 2007 Exchange 2010 Exchange 2013/2016 Exchange Online Google Calendar

    List of today's events, time and date

    Meeting subject and host of the meeting

    Attendees and meeting description

    Free / Occupied

    Private meeting

    Following features is not supported by AskCody Exchange Forwarding Service (For integration to Microsoft Exchange Servcer) due to limited write access.

    Learn more here


    Book from screen / Ad-hos bookings / Fast lane bookings


    Pending mode, confirm or cancel meeting*

    Extend or End meeting from screen*  
    *Requires ApplicationImpersonation for the AskCody Exchange User Account when integrated into Exchange.