• AskCody® WayFinder

    Indoor wayfinding made easy!

    On both smartphones and large touch screens

    AskCody® WayFinder™ is the ultimate wayfinding solution for large and dynamic indoor environments and the world’s first cross-platform indoor wayfinding solution that works seamlessly across smartphones, apps, touch screens, kiosks and all browsers.

    Enabling easy indoor wayfinding, the WayFinder™ is designed to guide people to meeting rooms or meeting points, and Wayfinder’s directional information makes it easy to get from A to B.

    WayFinder™ will guide you to your destination whether it ́s a specific room, an event - like an appointment or a seminar - or even a person.

    AskCody® WayFinder™ is the perfect solution for large or complex environments such as hospitals, university campuses, and corporate headquarters.

    The powerfull map editor and the instant updates across all screens gives you full control of your indoor wayfinding platform and the power to create a premium indoor wayfinding experince. 



  • AskCody® WayFinder™ is leading the way indoors and gives you the information you need - when you need it! 

    AskCody® offers an easy wayfinding experience for visitors and users alike, and it allows businesses to make the most of their resources. WayFinder will guide you to your destination whether it´s a specific room, an event like an appointment or a seminar, or even a person.

    With the swipe of a smartphone across an NFC tag or the scan of a QR code on arrival, AskCody® WayFinder™ for your Smarphone will guide you to your destination displaying best route and appropriate staircases/elevator (Accessiblity mode is built-in).

    Use AskCody® WayFinder to improve wayfinding at your campus or venue for both visitors and daily users. This creates a nicer, more relaxed and efficient atmosphere for everyone while freeing up your resources to do their job rather than showing people the way.



  • No more wasting time, No more feeling dazed.

    Let you phone guide you to your destination with AskCody® WayFinder™!

  • With the power of AskCody Maps you can drag and drop new locations and points of interest inside your building or at your campus.

    Imagine that you simply drag and drop destionations and points of interest around your floorplan and place them where you want.

    It’s incredibly fast and easy! And everything is updated instantly across all platforms and screens. 

    Supported by all browsers.

    AskCody WayFinder is supported by all browsers.
    Imagine going to a hospital or your first day at campus. Now you can learn to find your way before even going there. 

    Supported by all smartphones.

    Arriving at the hospital or at campus, just pull out your smartphone, open the AskCody WayFInder on your smartphone, and start navigating. Easily find your way to the destination, point of interest, or event of your choice. 


    Build powerful and beautiful maps. Drag and drop new destinations and POIs. Update and deploy seamlessly and instantly across all screens.

    Need an update, rooms change name or location, a hall- way is under construction?
    With the powerful AskCody Maps you can update your maps across all screens instantly. 

    Find your way to events, meetings or appointments - dynamically. Integrate WayFinder™ into your calendar system!

    What if you could also let you visitors navigate to the right meeting or event?
    Integrate WayFinder seamlessly to your Outlook or Google Calendar and let visitors search for today’s events. 

  • Key features

    Easily select and change your starting point and your destination

    Easily search and select both starting point and your destination, whether it’s a room, a seminar or an event, or even a person. 

    2-finger input lets you rotate the map 360 ̊. The map points in your direction.

    AskCody Maps are dynamic and able to rotate in 360 ̊. The map always point in the direction you choose. 

    Change the floor plans

    Need to change floor plan to follow the next step of your route? Just tap the stair or elevator button. 

    Always see where you are heading

    Shows visitors where they are and what's nearby in your space. Make sure to create a great mapping between the real world and the AskCody Map and make it easy for your visitors to know if they are on the right track. 

    Go back to start or rotate the map to point north

    You can always use the built in map navigation buttons to go back to your starting point or to turn the map pointing “north” .

    GPS Support for Outdoors

    Saves users from providing a starting location or instantly know your location offering GPS feedback from A to B. 

    Full accessibility support

    Appropriate routes for visitors with disabilities in accessibility mode. Just touch the yellow accessibility button and the route changes. 

  • Improve patient satisfaction and frees your staff to do what they do best!

    Hospital visitors know that finding their way around a hospital can be both stressful and intimidating.

    This explains why more than 30% of all visitors ask hospital staff for directions. 

    A wayfinding solution from AskCody® will improve visitor experiences, and increase patient satisfaction.

    At the same time it allows staff to do what they do best - care for patients!

  • Try the WayFinder


    Double-click or hold the mouse over the map and scroll to zoom in and out



    Hold down Shift + drag to rotate and zoom

    Drag and Panning

    Press on the map and drag in the right direction


  • Where’s that room again? Where’s my meeting?

    As a key element of the total AskCody® solution package the WayFinder will guide you to your destination whether it is finding people, rooms, or points of interest.

    You can even search for and get directions to specific meetings, appointments or other events when integrating with AskCody® Booking+ online calendar and resource booking system, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook or Google Calender. 


    Meets tomorrow's demands of utilizing flexible rooms and facilities!

    Integrates with leading calendar systems.

    AskCody® WayFinder™ is the first system of its kind to offer integration between wayfinding and calendar systems directly on the smartphone.

    The system is based on a flexible architecture with integration into both Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

    That means you can schedule a meeting inside your Outlook calendar and let you attendees navigate to that room with the WayFinder. Wayfinding has now become event-driven!



    Works on all major smartphones. No need for an App - Everything is web-based!

    AskCody® WayFinder™ works on major smartphone platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

    It's a very simple and efficient solution which provides you with the directions you need when you need them!