• This is guest registration the way it should be! Optimizing resources with one simple solution. 

    Welcome+ guest registration enables automatic handling of guest pass printouts and host notifications. Add attendees to your meetings scheduled in Outlook and Office 365 to the guest list in the reception.

    AskCody® Welcome+ is an intuitive, modern and professional visitor registration solution from AskCody®. Front desk processes and tasks will improve significantly with Welcome+, and guests will automatically receive meeting details and feel welcome when paying a visit to your company.

    Guests are registered in three easy steps receiving a printed guest pass or email/sms straight away. At the same time, hosts are notified about the guest arrival either via email or SMS. You can easily manage all contacts and users with AskCody® Manager or integration with Microsoft Active Directory.

    Need to print visitor badges? Once a visitor checks in, you can set the printer to automatically print their personal visitor badge, creating an efficient visitor management experience for your team and staff around the front desk.

    Welcome+ is there to meet your needs whether you are looking for a simple system to track visitor traffic or require a full Virtual Receptionist solution. The Welcome+ solution includes notifications via SMS, email or both as well as badge printing options. Everything can be integrated with Outlook and Office 365.



  • Connecting People with ease!

    When checking in the host is notified by SMS and Mail instantly. You are ready for your meeting in seconds!

  • First impression maters!

    Welcome guests and impress visitors with an easy to use check-in system that notifies staff about arrival and attendance. All check-in entries are stored and archived in the Cloud, and check-in logs are accessible from any device.  

    Welcome visitors with an elegant touch screen experience (both for iPads and Windows based PC's), and send them an instant check-in confirmation via email or SMS.

    Guest names are displayed in the AskCody Manager (cloud based). No more messy paperwork and illegible handwriting!

    Employees are notified of their guest's arrival on SMS or by email. Easily communicate with the visitor while they wait at the reception.

    Add expected guests and let visitors check-in on their own smartphone. This saves time at arrival and makes a great first impression especially, when used in conjunction with AskCody WayFinder.

  • Who are coming today, who are they visiting, which meeting are they attending, which visitors are currently in the company, when did they leave?

    Welcome+ takes care of all the questions at the front desk that the receptionists has to deal with on a daily basis.

  • Keep track of all guests throughout the day and manage your visitors with ease!

    ‚ÄčNo more messy papers and illegible handwriting!

    With Welcome+ Manager you have access to all data about your visitors and can customize all messages and content to fit into your corporate profile.

    Administrators will find that Welcome+ provides a full overview of visitor logs. For security reasons, the reception staff must know the number of people in a building at any given time. Evacuation reports can easily be compiled and printed with Welcome+.

    With Welcome+ visitor registration is secure, easy and professional. You will improve visitor and staff satisfaction as well as enhance productivity and resources at the front desk.



  • Employees are notified of their guest's arrival on SMS or by email.

    Easily communicate with the visitor while they wait at the reception.

  • Prefered Hardware Partners

    For tablet enclosures

  • Guest registration has never been easier! 

    With Welcome+, guests are welcomed in an intuitive, accommodating and interactive manner.

  • Requirements

    Learn about the browsers we support for the full AskCody experience!

    We support the following desktop browsers. If you are not using one of these browsers to interact with Welcome+ Manager, please download a newer browser. If you elect not to upgrade your desktop browser, your experience may not be optimal, or you may not be able to use certain tools on our website.

    Browser:   Version:
    Google Chrome (Windows and Mac)   Most recent stable version
    Mozilla Firefox (Windows and Mac)   Most recent stable version
    Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows)   9+ (IE7 & IE8 is not supported)
    Safari (Mac)   Most recent stable version

    Recommendations and Requirements for All Browsers

    For all browsers, you must enable JavaScript.

    AskCody recommends a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 for the best possible user experience. 

    Screen resolutions smaller than 1024 x 768 may not display all AskCody Booking+ features and give you the best experience.

  • Why should you consider implementing a virtual visitor management system to welcome your guests and notify employees? 

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